“🎬10 Underrated Movies That Will Blow Your Mind! Don’t Miss #4!

underrated movies

Introduction top 10 underrated movies films of all time. Look at what I found here. For this list, we’ll be looking at movies that don’t always get the credit they deserve. These films may or may not have been acclaimed in their day, but definitely need another renaissance. Did we forget one of your favorite … Read more

Barbie Movies

barbie movies

Barbie Movies Based on the information provided, the Barbie Movie“ had an outstanding first-weekend box office collection worldwide, earning a total of $337 million. On its opening day, the film made approximately $22.3 million globally. In India, it collected around 5 Crores on its first day. How much did Barbie make at the box office? … Read more

Best 1 Greta Gerwig Movies more

greta gerwig movies

Greta Gerwig Movies2023 BarbieMovie    is one of the best movies of the year! Greta Gerwig has crafted a masterful story about loving yourself for who you are, that is both insanely funny, packed with social commentary & an emotional third act. Great cast but RyanGosling as Ken was superb. Bring Kleenex! Spoiler alert! If you … Read more

What is Oppenheimer famous for?


“Barbie Cast Turns London Eye Pink to Celebrate Film Premiere” Table of Contents Introduction The film industry is abuzz with excitement as two highly anticipated movies, Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” make their grand debut. The world is eagerly awaiting the simultaneous release of these blockbusters, and the air is thick with anticipation. … Read more

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