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BarbieMovie    is one of the best movies of the year! Greta Gerwig has crafted a masterful story about loving yourself for who you are, that is both insanely funny, packed with social commentary & an emotional third act. Great cast but RyanGosling as Ken was superb. Bring Kleenex!

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This scene broke me, literally, the one scene that stayed with me the most, the soul of the film!
Learning that the executives demanded Greta Gerwig to cut this scene out of Barbie is as shocking as when execs asked Patty Jenkins to cut the NoMansLand scene from WonderWoman. In the realm of cinema, certain films emerge that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on popular culture. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is undeniably one such film that has taken the world by storm. Starring the talented Margot Robbie, this unique blend of fantasy, satire, and real-world problems takes its characters on transformative journeys, leading them to question their identities and roles in society. In this article, we will explore the profound ending of Barbie, delve into the character developments, and examine the film’s thought-provoking commentary on gender politics and identity

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the film yet, consider bookmarking this page and returning after experiencing the magic of Barbie on screen the film concludes with a significant moment as Barbie, Gloria, and Sasha join forces with the brainwashed Barbies to overthrow the oppressive Kens and reclaim Barbie’s land. This marks the end of the Kens’ reign and the dawn of a new era for Barbie land.

The Kens, who had turned on each other, is ousted, and the Barbies decide not to change the Constitution but instead rejuvenate Barbie land with some changes, including the inclusion of some Kens serving in the lower courts.

Greta Gerwig movies

into the world of Greta Gerwig’s movies Barbie

a film that has taken audiences by a

storm what do I have to do you have to

go to this movie starring The Talented

Margot Robbie is a unique blend of

fantasy satire and real-world problems

sending its characters on transformative

Journeys but before we dive into a word of

caution this post is Packet spoilers so

if you haven’t seen the film yet pause

this post bookmark it and come back

after you’ve seen the movie we promise

it’ll be worth the wait now without

further, Ado let’s embark on this journey

of understanding the ending of Barbie

I’m fine the film ends with Barbie

Gloria and Sasha join forces with the

brainwashed Barbies to take back Barbie

land from the Kens is a significant

moment in the film as it marks the end

of Ken’s Reign and the beginning of

a new era for Barbie land the Kens who

had turned on each other or ousted and

Barbie’s vote not to change the

Constitution effectively rejuvenating

Barbie landed with a few changes including

some of the Ken serving in the lower

courts I’m coming with you okay Margot

Robbie’s Barbie tells Ryan Gosling, Ken,

who has an existential crisis that he

needs to figure out who he is without

this is a pivotal moment in the film

as it marks the beginning of Ken’s

journey of self-discovery meanwhile

Barbie herself is unsure about what’s

next or how her story ends she doesn’t

think she can be stereotypical Barbie

anymore and with wisdom from Creator

Ruth Handler Barbie decides to become

human this is the real-world Barbie

makes a big decision at the end of the

the film rather than remaining in Barbie

the land where she is perfect and every day

is a great day Barbie chooses to

permanently become human this decision

is not taken lightly stereotypical

Barbie is fully aware of what the

the decision entails living as a human means

that she will eventually die yet Barbie

takes her chances she would rather live

a life full of meaning and would she put

something meaningful into the world than

to live forever as an idea of being in the

real-world makes Barbie unsure about

herself and her perfect place she was

feeling so many emotions waiting through

existential crisis and memories of happy

and sad that made her want to learn and

experience more than what Barbie land

could offer Barbie was stunned by what

the real world had in store it was far

from perfect but that didn’t mean Barbie

couldn’t try to make it better for her

own way just as she had with Barbie land

yes Barbie wanted to truly explore what

it meant to be imperfect to Grapple with

the good and the bad that came with

being human she felt she could do more

good in the real world and perhaps

figure out her own ending this is a

a significant shift in Barbie’s character

and marks a turning point in the film

Ken like Barbie was faced with an

existence crisis but he was ill-equipped

to handle it throughout the movie it was

only when he was told that he could

simply exist as Ken without having to be

tied to Barbie that he was able to shed

the toxicity of his behavior patriarchal

ideas weren’t solving his problems and

he had to leave them behind this is a

a significant moment in Ken’s character

development and marks a turning point in

his journey with Barbie successfully

restoring Barbie land from the Takeover

that was dubbed kingdom things were more

or less back to normal for the dolls

however, they’d all been through too much

having experienced the effects of

patriarchy identity crisis and the

revelation of the real world and its

problems Barbie in the real world that’s

impossible Ken will likely explore who

he is without Barbie and that might pave

the way for a more self-confident but

not a toxic version of the character the

rest of the Kens will follow suit

especially since they didn’t want to

fight but hang out at the beach with the

Barbies is a significant

development in the story and sets the

the stage for potential future narratives

the Barbies meanwhile become more

inclusive even allowing weird Barbie to

join them rather than continue living in

alienation the Barbies also allowed some

of the kinds to join them in the courts

which marked a big change for Barbie

land crucially the Barbies and Ken

understand each other a lot better by

At the end of the Barbie movie the changes

though small enacted and the

the understanding gained from stereotypical

Barbie’s realization could steer the

rest of Barbieland’s residents towards

self-exploration is a significant

development in the story and sets the

the stage for potential future narratives

Ruth Handler the creator of the Barbie

doll said she created Barbie does not have

an ending at all the Barbie doll is an

idea that lives forever Barbie is a

symbol one that has influenced

generations of girls she was made with

meaning heaped upon her be it by Mattel

or by consumers and remade reimagined or

slightly altered to keep up with the

times when Barbie approaches Mattel’s

board they quickly try to put her back

into her box, the image is quite literal

but the Box itself is also an example of

Mr. Mattel and Co trying to hinder

Barbie’s potential stifling her goal in

the Box they can control her actions she

can forever be a perfect doll wrapped in

plastic packaging Barbie deals and

gender politics that add its heart to it’s

about being willing to look inward

exploring one’s identity Beyond what’s

been assigned by society and fight for

change even if it’s scary

foreign showcases the ways that patriarchy is

harmful to both women and men and there

you have it folks we’ve unpacked the

ending of Barbie explored the

character’s transformative Journeys and

delved into the film’s commentary on

gender politics and identity we hope

this video has given you a deeper

understanding of the film and sparked

some thought-provoking discussions if

If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to

Hit that comment button and share it with your

friends more in-depth analysis of your favorite

films remember every movie is a journey

and we’re here to make that Journey

meaningful until next time stay curious

stay observant and never stop

questioning thanks for the readings post

Barbie  Movie Reviews

Barbie is a 2023 American Fantasy Comedy film
directed by Greta Gerwig which is scheduled

to be released in the United States on July
21, by Warner Bros. Pictures.

This film is based on the Barbie fashion dolls
by Mattel. It is the first live-action Barbie Film.

The film follows Barbie and Ken who explore
the real world after being expelled from utopian

Barbie Land for being less-than-perfect dolls.

They embrace imperfections, face challenges
and discover the beauty of self-acceptance.

They inspire others to celebrate their uniqueness
and find happiness in their own skin.

It is a film that has everything humor, heart, and visuals

.Barbie is a good film, clocking in at under
two hours. The movie is a surprisingly meta take on the
Barbie brand. The film’s pacing is good.

Barbie is a funny, heartwarming, and visually
stunning film that will appeal to fans of

the brand and audiences of all ages.

It is a film that will teach many life lessons.

In my opinion, you should go and watch
Barbie in theatres near you from this Friday.

Overall, Barbie is a good film and it explores
the idea of what it means to be a Barbie in

the real world. The Barbie movie is worth checking out this weekend.

The Fantasy Comedy film story is fantastic,
The narration is good and the direction is excellent.

The entire star cast delivers their best performance
but Barbie and Ken’s performance is top-notch.

Additionally, the Cinematography of the movie
is great.

The location was visually appealing as well as

Barbie is a film that is for fans of the brand
and audiences of all ages.

This film also shows how the Barbie brand
can be both empowering and restrictive.

Barbie has received mostly positive reviews
from the critics and the average rating of

this movie is 8 out of 10 and we rate this
movie with 4 stars out of 5.

This rating will reflect in their box office
collection, when this movie will release in


This movie will gross around 80 million in
It’s opening weekend.

So, that’s it in this Barbie Movie Review
Video and I hope you guys have enjoyed this

 Barbie: A Fun and Thought-Provoking Movie Review

Barbie’s Transformative Decision

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Barbie reveals a complex and multi-dimensional character. A pivotal moment in the film occurs when Barbie tells Ryan Gosling’s Ken, who is grappling with an existential crisis, that he needs to find his true self without her. This marks the beginning of Ken’s journey of self-discovery.

Meanwhile, Barbie herself is uncertain about her path and how her story will unfold. She no longer feels content with the stereotypical Barbie image, and with the wisdom from Creator Ruth Handler, Barbie makes a life-changing decision – to become human. In a bold move, Barbie chooses to leave behind the perfection of Barbie’s land and embrace the imperfections of the real world.

Good evening! This is the Oscar expert here with brother bro, and it’s time to review “Barbie” directed by Greta Gerwig. The hype surrounding this movie has been massive, and I was eagerly looking forward to it for a long time. While some people had reservations about it being overly stuffed, I must say I had a blast with the film, enjoying almost everything it had to offer.

an Overwhelming Blast of Fun

“Barbie” is undoubtedly attempting to be the funnest movie ever, and in many ways, it succeeds in achieving that goal. The jokes in the film are not your typical slapstick comedy; they are sophisticated, and intellectual, and often satirize the concept of Barbie itself. The movie seamlessly blends high and low-brow comedy, resulting in a delightful and unpredictable experience.

A Playful World with Smart Humor

The movie’s rules are whimsical and don’t always follow reality, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Barbie breaks the scene’s reality, uses witty vocabulary, and surprises the audience with dance numbers out of nowhere. The clever wordplay and subtly delivered dialogue add depth to the humor, making the comedy stand out as both irreverent and thoughtful.

 A Nuanced Take on Gender Commentary

“Barbie” delves into gender commentary with a healthy sense of humor. It cleverly explores the stereotypes of masculinity and femininity in our culture while commenting on their roles and abuses. The film manages to strike a balance between embracing and critiquing these gender roles, leaving room for a nuanced discussion on the subject. It’s surprisingly agreeable and optimistic in addressing cultural flaws, inspiring viewers to embrace the brand with a fresh perspective.

Embracing the Brand’s Legacy

The movie acknowledges the past while paving the way for a more progressive future for the Barbie brand. It portrays Barbie as an ideal for people, reflecting on what she meant to younger generations and addressing her relevance in today’s world. While acknowledging Barbie’s outdated aspects, the film presents a solid vision of what the brand could represent in a more inclusive and positive manner.

Mesmerizing Production and Performances

The production design and cinematography in “Barbie” are simply dazzling. The sets pay homage to older Hollywood productions, creating a vibrant and colorful world that viewers would want to inhabit. The costumes are a treat to the eyes, filled with clever gags and prop references that add to the film’s charm.

The performances in “Barbie” are outstanding, particularly Margot Robbie, who delivers a singular and emotionally resonant performance as Barbie. Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken is also a standout, bringing a cringe-worthy coolness to the character. America Ferreira impresses with a memorable monologue, while the rest of the cast contributes to the movie’s overall fun and silly atmosphere.

Awards and Recognition

“Barbie” has become a cultural conversation piece, making it a strong contender for Best Picture. The screenplay, written by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, cleverly balances humor with social commentary, making it a formidable contender in the Best Original Screenplay category.

While the film might not receive unanimous acclaim due to its polarizing elements, it has a dedicated fan base that adores its unique style and message. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s performances may secure their nominations, and the film’s technical brilliance in production design and costume could earn it several nods in those categories.

Conclusion: A Unique and Endearing Film

In conclusion, “Barbie” is a breath of fresh air in the comedy genre. Greta Gerwig’s direction, coupled with outstanding performances and mesmerizing production, makes it a memorable and entertaining watch. It confidently addresses gender issues while maintaining its sense of humor, proving that it is possible to embrace change without losing the essence of what makes a beloved brand special.


1. Is “Barbie” a kids’ movie?

While “Barbie” is based on a beloved toy line and might appeal to younger audiences, it also offers intelligent humor and social commentary that adults can enjoy.

2. Can I watch “Barbie” without prior knowledge of the toy line?

Yes, the movie stands on its own and doesn’t require familiarity with the Barbie brand.

3. Does “Barbie” tackle controversial topics?

The film addresses gender commentary, but it does so with a playful and lighthearted approach, making it accessible to a wide range of audiences.

4. How does “Barbie” compare to other Greta Gerwig films?

“Barbie” stands out as a unique project in Greta Gerwig’s filmography, showcasing her versatility as a director and writer.

5. Is “Barbie” visually stunning?

Absolutely! The movie’s production design and costumes are dazzling, transporting viewers to a vibrant and whimsical world.

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