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good evening this is the Oscar expert  here with brother bro and it’s time to review Barbie directed by Greta Gerwig

everyone already knows what it is the hype has been massive on this I’ve been looking forward to it for a long damn

time and I was pretty convinced that something about it wasn’t going to live up I heard a lot of reactions that were

like uh it’s a little overstuffed and this and that but I had a freaking blast with the movie and I liked like pretty

much everything that it did is basically the funnest movie ever or at At least you can tell that Greta’s growth is

attempting to make the funniest movie ever I’m actually curious if this is everybody’s funnest movie ever because I

had a great time but a lot of these jokes are I guess you could say elevated beyond the typical slapstick comedy

they’re very sophisticated and almost intellectual a lot of it is critiquing and satirizing Barbie itself

it’s very much a combination of high and low-brow comedy and I agree with you that it was a total blast I love the goofiness

and the slap stickiness but it balances

the over-the-top humor with really

clever wordplay and more subtly dryly

delivered dialogue which I really

appreciated the movie really nailed this

balance that I didn’t expect of

irreverence and also the opposite a lot

of the humor is just so silly and

playful this movie just feels like it’s

willing to go anywhere to make a joke it

will break the reality of the scene or

Barbie will use vocabulary that doesn’t

even make sense for her to use it just to

make a joke the rules of the world don’t

make sense and the movie is fine with

that which I also like it’ll cut to a

dance number out of nowhere a huge

the reason I think this movie gets so many

laughs are because it can Whiplash you in

any direction and take you to an

unexpected place I also really like the

self-aware overacting that Ryan Gosling

does a lot of the time where the way

that he delivers a line is just so

unserious Will Ferrell also does this

really well which is why I think he was

a perfect casting choice I love seeing

Will Ferrell in this because I’m a

sucker for his whole man-child shtick

this movie indulged my guilty

pleasure her but he didn’t feel out of

place and it just made me very joyous

just love the tone that this film pulled off and the Miracle of it is that I was

able to take all the themes just as seriously yeah I was both watching it like

yes ah yes critiquing and I had to break down the film in my notes on my phone

after seeing it just to parse out exactly what the movie’s trying to say

like the best comedies it’s layering in commentary to all of the humor in the movie

has a really healthy sense of humor

towards the themes that it’s exploring

like I was worried reading some reviews

that the heavy-handed gender commentary

might be like a little grating or

annoying but it’s actually so much fun

the way that it comments on masculinity

and femininity and the stereotypes of

both these things in our culture the

message and where it arrives is like

pretty agreeable I’m surprised that

anybody would dare to call this movie

like radical or say that has radical

gender politics it’s quite agreeable if

you actually are trying to like

absorb what the movie is giving you for

all the cynicism in our time that I

think the movie addresses certain

points this movie comes away being more

optimistic and positive than anything

that has acknowledged those flaws in our

culture that I have seen in a recent

memory and I think it will inspire

people to embrace the Mattel or Barbie

the brand even more vigorously than has been

embraced in the last decade even though

we’re at a point where we have the most

reason to feel damaged by that product and

I think it’s because it’s like any good apology where you have to

acknowledge the past in order to move

into the future Greta Gerwig feels like

she’s laid a future for the Barbie brand

that actually makes a lot of sense and

makes me so much less cynical than I

feel I should be and so much more

excited about a brand that I want to be

and I think in some cases you know with

dolls that children play with it’s worth

acknowledging that just because it’s a

product doesn’t mean it’s not important

for the development of our young

people like that is an important role

that a doll is going to play whether we

critique the system or not and so why

not try to model that after a world we’d

actually, I like to see instead of just

constantly deconstructing I feel like

this film puts up a very solid vision of

what gender and Barbie can look like

which also plays into the idea of what

Barbie’s at its Essence is that Barbie

is like an ideal for people and this

the movie also talks about what Barbie meant

to a younger generation and how maybe

for that time it actually was important

for women and girls and it is not afraid

to rip apart the way in which Barbie is

an outdated concept or represents the

worst of what we think gender means in

our world and it does reckon with its

own place as an advancement of the brand

which I think it did that in like a

the super smart way I feel like Greta Gerwig

did too good of a job for Mattel they’re

gonna earn money from this movie everybody

knows that but the residuals of what she

did for their brand like eye candy safe

and fathom they should be giving her

royalties on every Barbie product for

the next five or so years but it’s also

funny because the CEO of Mattel in the

movie we know that he doesn’t really

necessarily care about this brand as

long as it makes him money like at the

end of the day there’s still reason to

be cynical about the brand Barbie I’m

the son of a mother yeah I love some of

his lines so the movie is going for a

lot as we’ve already established but the

other thing it’s going for is like this

existential commentary and this is where

I get that people can see that the movie

is overstuffed but to me all these ideas

flow together I don’t want to say why

but I agree that it fits in the movie

does something interesting too where it

recognizes something innate about gender

expression where people can just see it

and they intuitively know like that’s me

like that’s my gender and there are lots

of people who have the take that all of

masculinity and femininity are just a

construct and there’s nothing real to it

this movie actually does seem to reject

that to an extent does it though no I

said to an ex extent because I think it

also acknowledges that there is a lot to

it that is a construct and it comments

on the way in which we use and sometimes

abuse those roles but it also comments

on the need to embrace those roles at

times and to break away from them like I

think it Nails the balance I intuitively

feel like it gets it right but it’s so

not concrete as to the role that gender

could play in someone’s life or not and

the movie doesn’t feel like it could

even sufficiently answer that for every

a single person that is the contradictory

the reality that we exist in there are two

different things that we’re juggling

we’re being ourselves but most of us are

also not able to divorce ourselves from

a gender role or just in general like an

ideal like what a doll represents is

like this is what I want to be we all

have things that we want to be and that

we strive for that we’re gonna fall

short of Yeah I don’t I don’t want to go

too deep into it but I really like what

the movie is presenting to us about

models role models and Idols in society

and how we cope and exist with those and

how we’re always having a conversation

about what those mean and what they are

I mean that is what Soma’s Essence

about and that is what Barbie is about

on top of all that the the production of

this thing is dazzling yeah sets are I

mean everybody knows what the sets look

like they’re huge and beautiful and

colorful and the ways in which a lot of

the sets pay homage to older Hollywood

Productions I think is brilliant you’re

going to want to live there you’re going

to want to eat the set like a child

who’s fixated orally on everything you

don’t want to eat it put it in your mouth

and smell it I honestly wouldn’t be

surprised if this like inspired a Barbie

amusement park it made me want to exist

there and that’s again you know part of

this movie is completely uncynical

about having fun and embracing the joy

that a toy can Inspire in you the word

that sums it up is just eye candy the

cinematography though it’s sort of

invisible in the sense that it’s not

trying to draw its attention to itself

however, they lit that world and made it

look like it was outside and made

everything looks shiny and bright did a

brilliant job same goes for the costumes

every costume is a treat to look at and

honestly, there are a couple of costumes

there is one in particular that I just

wanted to buy the one that says you are

enough I would have bought those I would

have bought the horses thing that Alan

was wearing a striped shirt that

just said horses on it and a horse on it

there are a lot of good little jokes

within the costumes and the sets in this

movie yeah little gags little prop gags

and let’s talk about the performances

Margot Robbie, once again exceeded my

expectations and I feel I don’t know why

I tempered them for this movie a little

a bit because I felt like she was doing

her Brooklyn accent but she’s not and

it feels like a singular performance for

her and yet another showcase for her

talent and most of the emotional touch

points in the film when you’re not

laughing out loud you are centering on

her and you have to take Barbie

seriously and she elicited a lot of pity

Oz from me even though she is such a

silly character and Ryan Gosling that

was a standout for me as it was for

many he’s just so good at like trying to

be cool in a cringe way and it just

feels like no other Factor would deliver

each line in the way that he does yeah

with the little subtleties that he gives

America Ferreira is also really good

here I was happy every second that she

was on screen a lot of people had been

talking about a monologue that she

absolutely eats that’s correct every

what people have been saying is correct

and everybody else in the movie is just

fun I don’t know if there’s like another

dramatically standing outperformance

but everybody is very silly Kate

McKinnon also worked really well for me

I thought she was not going to work for

me from the trailers but she did I also

thought Michael Sarah was really funny

and I liked that the movie Just Cast him

so that he could be Michael Sarah it was

great so well directed by Greta Gerwig

like barely even talked about that how

well written and directed it was Noah

bombast and Greta Gerwig writing this I

feel like you can tell that they were

just having a blast writing in that

they’re like best friends trying to

create something and make each other

laugh and surprise each other I would

give this a 9 out of 10. I give this

movie a 10 out of 10. I really really

loved it like I I truly just had a great

time the whole time I found it to

be thought-provoking and interesting and

singular is never going to be a movie

like this again and people are going to

try like studios are going to try to do

this like product reinvention and

it’s never going to work as well as this

they completely exceeded my expectations

I think we should not forget like how

insane it is that this movie actually

exists let’s talk about Awards because I

mean maybe I’m biased because I love the

movie so much but I did come out

thinking that this will get a Best

Picture nomination was partly

something I already felt because the

critic reviews were really good I

thought this wasn’t going to break an 80

on Metacritic but it did Letterbox I

mean of course they’re eating it up but

they’re eating it up quite a bit it just

is one of the biggest movies of the year

and it is slash will continue to be one

of the most talked about movies of the

year and people are using it to like

talk about broader issues and that’s you

know the Oscars like movies that are

relevant this movie is at the center of

a cultural conversation in a way and

it’s also technically really well made

and we know that you have to give it

certain nominations like it must get

production designed it must win

production designers, I think the costume

design I think it will probably also win

that and that would be fantastic I think

makeup might get nominated just because

everybody’s at least got a wig on

original song I’m kind of like how is

I’m just Ken, not the front-runner for

an original song well what about the Billy

Eilish one she already just won I

mean maybe they could get No I don’t

think it’s gonna win seriously double

nomination no why wouldn’t it win why

wouldn’t why because it’s really silly

so is too not to I Man or Muppet I

don’t think any of the songs

individually feel like they round out

that is like the best song winner to me I

honestly think I’m just Ken feels like

it should win because it genre hops in a

the way that’s really cool it was one of

like the high points of the movie and

maybe it can get two song nominations

one for I’m just Ken and one for like

you know the Billy Eilish one or the Dua

Lipa one or something yeah I also think

that Ryan Gosling is going to be

nominated the buzz is through the roof

on him, everybody loves him in this movie

so he should easily secure a supporting

actor nomination maybe even a showdown

between him and Robert Downey Jr yeah I

think Robert Downey Jr is going to

have the edge it’s just a more likely

dramatic performance and Robert Downey

Jr I think he has a greater narrative

and then the screenplay definitely going to

get nominated I think yeah could this

win I would love a dual Oscar win for

Noah Bombach and Greta go away because

what’s the competition here it’s

Oppenheimer it’s Killer’s Oppenheimer

yeah which do you know if one of those

movies wins best picture I think there’s

a chance that Oppenheimer or Killerville

fireman wins best picture at the same

the time you can easily give one of those

movies director if that wins Barbie

feels like a screenplay that we’ve seen

awarded a lot in recent years everything

everywhere her get out promising young

woman the fact that she’s writing and

directing it I think makes it a

really strong Contender for the win in

the adapted screenplay I think there are

people who are divided on the movie

though so that that is something to note

about whether or not yeah but it’s

always promising young woman and like

Jojo rabbit one too and people were very

divided on that yeah and the speeches

memorable speeches memorable lines I

think it has transcended like being the

Barbie movie everybody knows what this

is Hollywood understands this is like a

Greta Gerwig project I think it’ll get

nominated for Best Picture yeah and if

we need a reminder the Best Picture film

does not have to be a film that

everybody likes you can have a small

a portion of people who love a film and

that can get it nominated for best

picture and there are people who

love this movie I mean it’s gonna be

their favorite of the year or one of

their top three or top five you know if

people are crying at your movie and it’s

moving them that’s not just a silly

movie we can throw that argument out

what about Margot Robbie for the best

actress, I think she’s like uh probably

not if it were a little Slimmer of a

category I think she could slip him I

don’t know if it feels urgent to

nominate her for this you know she is

good and it is a big Contender yeah and

then Direct director even if it got like

DGA I think that the Oscars the

director’s Branch might shut this out

but I’m not even sure how close it is

because I don’t know if it’s a top five

or a bottom-five Contender for this

picture any way I feel like it’s probably

around a number six Contender which is

why I also think it’s probably a number

six or seven directors Contender I really

do wonder if she could actually get into

director because this is one of the most

unique movies of the year and it

certainly has some of the most styles and

taste out of any of the eventual

nominees we’ll have I wouldn’t entertain

that this movie wins the best picture just

because I think a lot of people you know

their expectations were Sky High and

they were like look I liked a lot about

it but I have some issues yeah I think

that’s the very very common reaction I think

it won’t win because of that it’s a

the movie that should be taken seriously

that will be taken seriously and I think

you know you will see it as part of the

awards conversation so those are our

thoughts on Barbie thank you for

watching thank you for subscribing will

you villainously Advocate gatekeeping

movies like Barbie from getting in the

best picture conversation

barbie movie
What was I made for?” Greta Gerwig, I adore you. Barbie is so insightful and creative, funny and existential, full of heart and empathy. Once again, Gerwig has made something special that gives voice to the most finite of experiences of being a woman. This Barbie is crying.

Hey everyone, I’m Here Trying Out the Barbie Ice Cream to See How It Tastes. Let’s Get Started! Oh, by the Way, Where’s the Best Cotton Candy? A Review of the Live-Action Adaptation of Barbie Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling


Welcome to the magical world of Barbie, where dreams come to life and adventures await! In this review, we’ll delve into the live-action adaptation of Barbie, a delightful journey that takes us from Barbie’s land to the real world. Directed by the talented Greta Gerwig, this movie promises a unique perspective on the iconic character we all know and love. From the exquisite set designs to the captivating performances, there’s so much to explore in this whimsical film. Join me as we uncover the highs and lows of this imaginative take on Barbie’s world.

 A Whimsical Universe: The barbie land

 1. The Enchanting Set Designs

Greta Gerwig’s vision of Barbie Land is a visual spectacle. The set designs are enchanting, filled with vibrant colors and intricate details. Each scene feels like stepping into a magical realm, perfectly capturing the essence of Barbie’s universe. From the dreamy pink castles to the sunny beaches, every location is a treat for the eyes.

2. Captivating Costumes

Another standout aspect of the movie is the stunning costumes. Barbie and her friends don an array of fashionable outfits that showcase their personalities. The attention to detail in the costumes adds depth to the characters and elevates the overall aesthetic of the film.

The Journey of Barbie and Ken: From Fantasy to Reality

3. Margot Robbie’s Charming Performance

Margot Robbie shines as Barbie, embodying the iconic character with grace and charm. She effortlessly captures Barbie’s happy-go-lucky attitude while also conveying deeper emotional moments with authenticity. Robbie’s portrayal brings a sense of relatability to the character, making her even more endearing.

4 . Ryan Gosling’s Comedic Brilliance

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken is a delightful surprise. His comedic genius and impeccable timing add a layer of humor to the movie that keeps the audience entertained throughout. Gosling’s chemistry with Margot Robbie is electrifying and elevates their on-screen dynamic.

A Playful Touch: Embracing Barbie’s Many Iterations

5. Exploring Different Barbie Iterations

One of the movie’s highlights is the inclusion of various Barbie iterations. From President Barbie to Beach Barbie, each version brings its charm and personality to the story. The film celebrates the diversity and versatility of Barbie, showcasing her as a role model for young girls with endless possibilities.

6. Barbie Land and Real-World Play

The concept of Barbie Land being connected to real-world play is ingeniously woven into the narrative. The movie cleverly explores the idea that imagination and play can bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. It encourages viewers to embrace their creativity and enjoy the magic of make-believe.

The FlaTws of Perfection: Tackling Too Many Themes

7. Overloaded with Themes     

As much as the movie excels in its creativity, it falters slightly toward the third act. The story attempts to tackle multiple themes simultaneously, which can make the plot feel convoluted and overwhelming. While the intentions are commendable, the execution could have been more focused.

8. Heavy-Handed Messages

In its pursuit of delivering powerful messages, the film occasionally becomes heavy-handed with its dialogue and speeches. This approach may not resonate with all viewers and might distract from the overall enjoyment of the movie.

A Refreshing Take on an Iconic Character

 9. An Unexpectedly Enjoyable Experience

Despite its flaws, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie manages to be a refreshing and unexpectedly enjoyable experience. It offers a unique perspective on the iconic character, breathing new life into the beloved toy. The movie’s charm lies in its ability to entertain both children and adults alike.

10. An Imaginative Approach

Greta Gerwig’s take on Barbie is a testament to the power of imagination and creativity. The film celebrates the joy of play and the limitless possibilities of dreams, leaving the audience with a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

Movie Ratings and Audience Appeal

11. Rating Breakdown

– Action: ★★½
– Comedy: ★★★
– Drama: ★★★½
– Horror: None
– Suspense: ★★½

12. Audience Recommendations

– Casual Fans: B+
– Cinephiles: B-
– Critics: A-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the Target Audience for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Movie?

The movie appeals to a broad audience, ranging from children to adults who grew up with Barbie. However, parents should be aware that some adult-themed humor and deeper themes might not be suitable for very young viewers.

2. Does the Film Stay True to Barbie’s Iconic Image?

Yes, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie stays true to the essence of the iconic character while also exploring her various iterations. It celebrates Barbie’s versatility and serves as a positive role model for young audiences.

 3. Are There Easter Eggs Referencing Barbie’s History?

Yes, the film includes clever Easter eggs that reference Barbie’s rich history and iconic accessories. Keep an eye out for subtle nods to classic Barbie dolls and playsets throughout the movie.

4. How Does Ryan Gosling Fare as Ken?

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken is a highlight of the film. His comedic timing and chemistry with Margot Robbie elevate the characters’ relationship and bring an added layer of fun to the movie.

 5. Is Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Movie a Musical?

No, the movie is not a musical. It focuses more on storytelling and character development while incorporating lighthearted moments of humor and introspection.

6. What’s the Overall Verdict on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Movie?

The overall verdict on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is positive. While it may have some flaws, the film’s creativity, stunning visuals, and captivating performances make it a must-watch for fans of Barbie and those seeking an imaginative approach to a beloved character.


Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is a delightful exploration of imagination and play, taking audiences on a whimsical journey from Barbie’s land to the real world. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling deliver stellar performances that add depth and charm to the iconic characters. Despite some thematic heaviness in the later part of the film, the overall experience is enjoyable and heartwarming. This movie is a celebration of Barbie’s enduring legacy and a reminder that dreams are meant to be pursued and cherished.

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