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Barbie Movies

Based on the information provided, the Barbie Movie had an outstanding first-weekend box office collection worldwide, earning a total of $337 million. On its opening day, the film made approximately $22.3 million globally. In India, it collected around 5 Crores on its first day.

How much did Barbie make at the box office?

DAY 1 Box Office Collection

  • Movie Name: Barbie
  • Movie Release Date: 21st July 2023
  • Release: Worldwide
  • Directed by: Greta Gerwig
  • Day 1 Collection of the Movie Worldwide: Estimated at 22.3 Million Dollars
  • Day 1 Collection of the Movie in India: Estimated at 5 Crores

Barbie from Warner Brothers and Mattel have racked up some of the biggest numbers we’ve seen from an opening in quite some time, the biggest of the year as it’s lining up right now, even besting Super Mario Brothers. But not to be outdone, Oppenheimer has overperformed its initial projections coming into this weekend, creating exactly what we projected some weeks ago. This is the biggest box office weekend of the year to date. It’s Barbe. Let’s get into it. Well folks, welcome back. It’s another great day here at Valiant Renegade. It’s good to see everybody out there once again. And if you are one of the many folks watching this video. Not yet. Please take a moment and turn that little word… Hit that like button. Hit that notification bell. Share this sucker on social media. And of course, please do leave a comment before you head out the door today.

Barbie Box Office Collection Overview

first-weekend box office collections worldwide for “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”:

  • North America: $155 million
  • International: $182 million
  • Worldwide: $337 million
  • India Business: ₹18.50 crore Nett | ₹21.50 crore Gross


– North America: $80.5 million

– International: $93.7 million

– Worldwide: $174.2 million

– India Business: ₹50 crore Nett | ₹59 crore Gross 

The Barbie movie from Atel and Warner Brothers was coming into the weekend with perhaps 100 plus maybe 120 million depending on the projections that you watched. The Box Office Pro that we covered earlier in the week had the rosiest picture, putting the high side of the Barbie opening somewhere close to 150 million. And it looks like this time Box Office Pro had the closest bet Barbie as of right now, Sunday Morning is estimating a $155,000,000 box office open here in the domestic market. And that may be a little bit short because as has happened in the past, we’ve talked about this before, When you have a movie that is pacing well ahead of projections and keeps beating those projections over and over, even by the time we get to the Sunday weekend estimates, those numbers still are more often than not behind reality, which we don’t see until Monday or Tuesday.

Barbie Movies BOX office collection Worldwide

  • Wednesday Previews: 1.1 Million Dollars (across 500 locations)
  • Thursday Previews: 21.2 Million Dollars (across 3,400 locations)
  • Weekend Collection Expected: $100 to 150 Million Dollars (across 10,000 locations – Expected)

We are seeing some estimates that are going to go over 160 million in the domestic open for this film. And right behind it is Oppenheimer. Now Oppenheimer had a projection coming into this weekend of around 50 to 55 million. I saw it in the top end. It has exploded past that all puns intended 80-and-a-half million dollar weekend estimate. Right now, in some inexplicable world, it looks as if Barbie and Oppenheimer have fed each other the box office. It’s just insane. And I don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything quite like this on an opening weekend. And kudos to these two studios and these two films from a financial and business perspective for just really doing some great marketing, getting butts and seats, and making these movies very popular opening weekend. But the real question is what happens after opening weekend? Do these movies hold on or do these movies fizzle out?

Barbie Box Office Collection India And Worldwide

Barbie Box Collections in India First Day 5 Crores 
Barbie Box Collections Worldwide First Day 22.3 Million Dollars.
Barbie Box Collections Worldwide First Day Expected 30 Million Dollars

I think one of these movies is at least potentially in danger of having that happen. And that’s Barbie Movies. Because the opening weekend was so big, this could wind up looking like an MCU title that’s very front-loaded. This is very high. But of course, there’s no previous metric to gauge this by. Not the closest thing that we might have a Super Mario Brothers movie, but the Super Mario Brothers movie had one thing going for it, and that’s when people came out of the theaters, they were very excited. Universally, the movie was adored. The marketing delivered something visually to get people in on opening weekend and then the movie itself kept them coming back.

barbie movie
barbie movies reviews

I don’t know if I can say the same thing for Barbie, but we’ll talk about that in just a minute. Let’s go to Oppenheimer at 80 and a half million dollars, again, way ahead of projections. An excellent job there. Not all the international numbers are in for all of these films as of right now. As I’m recording this. They probably will be by the time we do this Sunday live show at 6:00 PM Eastern today July 23rd. But we have so far got all of the numbers for Oppenheimer and check these out. Eighty and a half million domestic, and 93.7 million international for a total of 174.2 million. That’s a great start for a movie like this.

This is a three-hour monster of a film. Of course, it got prime placement in every single IMAX branded theater, which was to the detriment of course. Of Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning part one. And the reason is, as we’ve mentioned before, Oppenheimer was shot using IMAX cameras for the bulk of the film. And that creates a brand ambassador situation where IMAX theaters are going to give deference to Oppenheimer. And I believe they have IMAX branded screens for two to three weekends. And with a movie starting like this, it seems the hold will be well enough for IMAX to feel confident to keep them there.

Although Tom Cruise, Paramount, and Mission Impossible Seven are going to be looking to get back into those premium large format IMAX branded screens as soon as possible. And here’s Barbie. The international numbers have not clocked in yet for the numbers. However, Deadline magazine Nancy Tartag Leoni is estimating about another 160,000,000 internationally for a 300 + 1,000,000 dollar start for Barbie Movies. But hopefully, these numbers will be updated by the time we get to the live show this afternoon. Let’s talk about the rest of this box office Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1, slipping down to right now, the 4th place position behind Sound of Freedom, which racked up another incredible weekend with $20 million besting Mission Impossible. Only by a few 100,000. Again, these are estimates as of right now, so that could change.

The movie “Barbie” boasts an impressive star-studded cast featuring renowned actors and actresses:

1. Margot Robbie
2. Ryan Gosling
3. Greta Gerwig
4. Simu Liu
5. Emma Mackey
6. Will Ferrell
7. Michael Cera
8. Kate McKinnon
9. Hari Nef

That three and four positions could easily flip over depending on how actuals come out for Saturday and Sunday performances. Won’t know that for another day or two. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny again slipped down into obscurity with 6.7 million barely beating Insidious The Red Door. That really shouldn’t be the case. Indiana Jones is total now at 159,000,000. That’s only 34 million or so more, 35 million more currently than the Sound of Freedom.

We did a video earlier this week suggesting that if this trend continues, and it’s looking definitely like it is, Sound of Freedom is only four days younger than Indiana Jones. The domestic hall for Sound of Freedom at the end of its box office run is probably going to beat Indiana Jones, and I’m putting it in the probable category now based on this weekend’s hold. Even with all this new competition coming in, of course, the odd man out, the one who got most beat up this weekend with the new competition. It’s Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning Part One, and you can see here how much wind it took out of this movie’s sales. Now, any other box office entry out there that had gotten maybe this kind of beat up in the second weekend by two huge new blockbuster entries I’d say was probably dead and gone after this point. And that may still be the case with Mission Impossible.

We have to wait a little bit, but I keep reminding folks, these Tom Cruise films, these MI films are big, leggy international performers. They tend to hang around for a while. So it’s not the end of the story yet. Although certainly Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures are wishing for a little bit better performance at this point. Given Barbie and Oppenheimer’s extreme overperformance on the first weekend, as I mentioned earlier, we have to question. How well will this leg from here? Is it going to continue at this pace with modest 40 and 50% drops into the second weekend? Or are we perhaps going to see something sharper, meaning that most of the audience is front-loaded into both of these films? We just don’t know yet.

Again, cuz there’s nothing else out there to compare it to. When you have DC Films and you have a Marvel Cinematic Universe title. We have huge long histories of things to compare to. We don’t have that with this. Now, Oppenheimer seems to be a big crowd-pleaser. I haven’t heard too many people complain about the film in any way, except for its runtime perhaps, but with Barbie Movies, it’s become a very different story. While the trailers for Barbie looked incredible and I’ve talked about him for some time, the first teaser trailer that came out, I was blown away at how great a job the production designers and everybody seemed to do.

Especially with Margot Robbie playing the titular character in this film. Everything looked like Barbie. I thought this was going to be a huge hit. Everything in Barbie World looked spectacular in this film. The houses, the streets, the cars, the props, everything right down to the fake drinking of tea and coffee in the morning. And it was just amazing how well thought out it was from a visual perspective, from a recreation of the Barbie world perspective.

And that got a lot of butts in seats. It had girls, young and old alike, dressing up to go to see this movie. The problem, however, is what happened when they saw the movie and they were treated to a story that was very steeped and let’s just call it some left-wing feminist politics. And it wasn’t subtle either. And it wasn’t just a few quips, it was the entire plot of the film.

And since then I have seen a lot of posts on social media of people walking out of this movie very confused and very disappointed with what Greta Gerwig did to this. Again, from a marketing perspective, it worked great because they didn’t put much of any of that in the trailers themselves. Sure, what a few jokes about Ken being dope and all this kind of stuff, and fine.

But when you take it to the furthest degree possible in the entire film, revolves around what looks like a gender studies degree, you’re going to turn a lot of people off. And I don’t know how well this movie is going to hold up going forward. It may or may not. It’s just impossible to know as of right now.

That doesn’t matter because Warner Brothers still have the bragging rights for having one of the best openings of the year, especially after such disasters as The Flash. Hopefully, they can find a few more wins between now and the end of the year. Now, Universal Studios is very happy with Chris Nolan and Oppenheimer’s opening and hoping for a very lengthy healthy leg out.

Paramount again, as I mentioned, still waiting to see. I don’t think they’re giving up on Tom Cruise yet and I wouldn’t either. And those movies tend to have good healthy financial shelf lives after they leave the theaters, as will Oppenheimer and I’m sure Barbie Movies as well. So that’s it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you seen either of these movies? If you did, what did you think about them? Where do you think their respective box offices are going to go from here? Prop a line in one of those little comments sections below this article. ,.


FAQ: Explosive First Weekend Box Office Collections for “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”

1. How much did “Barbie” make at the box office?

“Barbie” had an exceptional opening weekend at the global box office. The film earned a staggering $337 million worldwide during its first weekend. Here are the box office collections for “Barbie” in different regions:

– North America: $155 million
– International: $182 million
– India Business: ₹18.50 crore Nett | ₹21.50 crore Gross

Important Information:
– “Barbie” grossed $337 million worldwide during its first weekend, making it one of the biggest openings of the year.
– The film earned $155 million in North America and an impressive $182 million internationally.
– In India, “Barbie” collected ₹18.50 crore Nett and ₹21.50 crore Gross, indicating its popularity in the Indian market.

2. What were the day 1 box office collections for “Barbie”?

“Barbie” had a remarkable Day 1 collection at the global box office. The movie opened worldwide on 21st July 2023 and raked in an estimated $22.3 million on its first day. In India, it earned approximately 5 Crores on the same day.

Important Information:
– “Barbie” earned an estimated $22.3 million on its opening day, showcasing strong initial audience interest.
– The film performed well in the Indian market, collecting around 5 Crores on its first day.

3. How did “Oppenheimer” perform at the box office during its first weekend?

“Oppenheimer” also had an explosive first weekend at the box office, surpassing initial projections. The film grossed $174.2 million worldwide during its opening weekend. Here are the box office collections for “Oppenheimer” in different regions:

– North America: $80.5 million
– International: $93.7 million
– India Business: ₹50 crore Nett | ₹59 crore Gross

Important Information:
– “Oppenheimer” had a strong opening weekend, earning $174.2 million worldwide.
– It performed well in North America, where it collected $80.5 million, and internationally, where it earned $93.7 million.
– In India, the film had an impressive performance, grossing ₹59 crore and collecting ₹50 crore Nett.

4. What was the estimated box office collection for “Barbie” during its Wednesday and Thursday previews?

Before its official release, “Barbie” had previews on Wednesday and Thursday, contributing to its opening weekend box office numbers.

Here are the estimated collections for the previews:

– Wednesday Previews: 1.1 Million Dollars (across 500 locations)
– Thursday Previews: 21.2 Million Dollars (across 3,400 locations)

Important Information:*
– “Barbie” earned an estimated $1.1 million during its Wednesday previews, showcasing early audience interest.
– The film’s Thursday previews were even more successful, grossing an estimated $21.2 million across 3,400 locations.

5. What is the star-studded cast of the movie “Barbie”?

“Barbie” boasts an impressive ensemble cast of renowned actors and actresses. The film features:
1. Margot Robbie
2. Ryan Gosling
3. Greta Gerwig
4. Simu Liu
5. Emma Mackey
6. Will Ferrell
7. Michael Cera
8. Kate McKinnon

9. Hari Nef


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