About Neeraj Chopra, age Height, NetWorth, record, Olympic record, GF, family, and more….

1.” From Overweight to Olympic Gold: The Incredible Journey of Neeraj Chopra”

1. Introduction

  • Introduce Neeraj Chopra, an Indian javelin thrower.
  • Mention his recent Olympic gold medal win in Tokyo.
  • Highlight the significance of his success.
Aspect Details
Net Worth Neeraj Chopra’s net worth is approximately Rs 24 crore ($3 million).
Background Hailing from Panipat, Haryana, Chopra resides in a three-story home showcasing his accomplishments.
Income His earnings include a monthly income of about Rs 5.5 lakh and an annual income of around Rs 5.5 crore.
Endorsements Post the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chopra’s endorsement fee escalated to Rs 2.5 crore annually, akin to top cricketers.
Awards and Rewards Various entities rewarded him, such as the Haryana government (Rs 6 crore), the Punjab government (Rs 2 crore), and more.
Vehicles Collection His collection comprises vehicles like the Mahindra XUV 700, Mahindra Thar, Toyota Fortuner, Range Rover Sport, and Ford Mustang GT.
  In two-wheelers, he owns a Bajaj Pulsar 220F and a Harley Davidson 1200 Roadster.
Family (Father) Satish Kumar,( mother )Saroj Devi ,Sisters(Sangeeta & Sarita)
GF (Girlfriend)| No Girlfriends
Record  89.94m  NR (2022)
Olympic Record  Olympics championships, world championships,
Net Worth 

4.5 million dollars

Monthly Income:-Rs.30 lakhs

Yearly Income:-4 crores

Age  25 Years
Height 1.82m(6fit)
weight 86kg
Nationality Indian
Education DAV College, Lovely Professional University
Born  24 December 1997(25years), Khandra Haryana
World Athletes 28 Aug.2023 88.17 m

World Championship 28Aug.2023

Gold Medals

World athlete championship 28 Aug.2023

World Athletics Championships28Aug.2023

Neeraj Chopra became javelin champion28Aug.2023

first, throw-foul

second throw-88.17 m.

third throw-86.32 m.

fourth throw-84.64 m.

fifth throw-87.73 m.

sixth throw -83.98 m.


  • Golden boy of India indeed 
  • Our golden boy Neeraj Chopra is a Bhakt of Bajrang Bali. The woes of Liberals continue 😎Jai Shri Ram 🔥

  • 1. Pakistanis tweeting 10x about lack of facilities should have tweeted at least once way before.

    2. Arshad Nadeem had world-class training in Germany just like Neeraj.

    3. Enjoy Neeraj Chopra inviting Arshad under 🇮🇳 as he didn’t have 🇵🇰

  • The Pride of India continues to Fly High with our Golden Boy unlocking another milestone.
    Thank you Neeraj Chopra for bringing home India’s 1st Gold at WorldAthleticsChampionship 🏅Best wishes to all the Incredible Athletes representing the nation 🙋‍♂️

  • He is Neeraj Chopra, the Indian athlete

    Neeraj belongs to Haryana in India

     he won🥇at WorldAthleticsChampionships

    Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem won 🥈

    While celebrating his🥇victory, Neeraj called Arshad to join him in giving a message to the RW that Hindus & Muslims are united

    It was a condemnation of Nuh violence in Haryana by Neeraj in his own style.

    He is a man with a spine and class 💪🏾❤️

2.”Unbelievable Transformation: From Overweight Kid to Olympic Gold Medalist – The Inspiring Journey of Neeraj Chopra”

Olympic Glory in Tokyo

Friends, today the name of Neeraj Chopra resonates throughout India. After winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Neeraj has become a source of pride for our country. But do you know that behind this success lies years of hard work and struggles? Today, this good-looking athlete, who used to weigh 80 kilograms during his childhood, has become an inspiration for the entire nation and especially for our youth, despite facing challenges like being from a farming family and suffering an injury just before the Olympics.

1. Early Life and Challenges

  • Birth and upbringing in a small village in Haryana, India.
  • Background of his family’s agricultural roots.
  • Early struggles with weight and teasing due to his size.
  • Determination to overcome challenges and pursue dreams.

Neeraj Chopra was born on December 24, 1997, in a small village called Khandra in Haryana, located in Panipat. His entire family is engaged in farming. Since Neeraj was the firstborn in his family, he received a lot of love and care during his childhood.

This attention led to an improvement in his health, and that’s when Neeraj’s journey began. When he was just 11 years old, he weighed around 80 kilograms, which made people tease him. This affected his self-esteem during his childhood. However, Neeraj decided not to let himself be ridiculed.

2. Discovery of Javelin Throw

  • Introduction to javelin throw through a senior athlete in Panipat.
  • Initial throw and realization of potential.
  • The decision to focus on javelin throw and start training.

His family arranged for him to use the Panipat Stadium to run and lose weight. One day, he saw his senior, Jai Veer Chaudhary, throwing the javelin, representing Haryana in the sport. Inspired, Neeraj tried throwing the javelin himself and surprised everyone with a long throw. This caught the attention of his senior, who encouraged Neeraj to pursue javelin throwing seriously.

Neeraj realized that he had potential in javelin throwing and decided to focus on mastering this sport. Despite various challenges, he never gave up. He overcame the negativity around him and started training hard. Over time, he improved his performance, and after setting records in various competitions, he gained recognition.

3. Hard Work and Progress

  • Joining Panipat Stadium for training.
  • Continuous hard work and dedication.
  • Improvement in technique and performance.
  • Setbacks and injuries, but unwavering commitment.

4. Inspiration and Legacy

Neeraj faced financial challenges, but his family supported his dreams. They managed to buy him a javelin despite their financial constraints. Neeraj’s dedication and rigorous training led him to excel in national and international competitions.

His journey took a significant turn when he joined the national training camp in Jaunpur, where he had access to better facilities, diet, and the opportunity to learn from national-level javelin athletes. This experience boosted his morale and inspired him to work harder.

Neeraj’s story highlights the importance of staying motivated, and disciplined and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals who encourage and push toward achieving goals. His journey from a young boy ridiculed for his weight to becoming a world-record-setting athlete is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

5. Neeraj’s achievement at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

  • Missed opportunity at the 2019 World Championship

That’s why Neeraj, who won the javelin throw at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, became the first Indian to do so. After that, he received several national awards. However, during the same period, while playing football with his friends, Neeraj suffered a serious injury to his right elbow.

This led him to undergo surgery, causing him to miss the 2019 World Championship. Moreover, the qualifying competitions for the Tokyo Olympics had already begun. In such a short time, he needed to recover and qualify for the Olympics. Neeraj mentions that he had no other option.

To prepare himself, he worked extensively with patience. He focused intensely on his diet, workouts, and recovery. He understood that if he didn’t recover properly, he wouldn’t be able to compete in this year’s Olympics. Thus, he left no stone unturned to become the best version of himself. After a successful recovery, in November 2019, he headed to South Africa to get ready for the Olympic qualifiers.

6. Road to Qualification


There, he underwent training with German biomechanics experts. After a gap of 16 months, in January 2020, he returned to international competitions. At the South African Athletics Central North West League Meeting, he won the event with a throw of 7.86 meters and also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics with a throw of over 85 meters. But his challenges didn’t end there. To prepare for the main Olympics, he had to go to Turkey for training.

However, due to an outbreak, he had to return to India in March, which meant he had to train in less-than-ideal facilities. On March 5th, Neeraj broke his record by achieving a new distance of 88.07 meters.

Neeraj recounts that during this time, he was unable to train properly for the Olympics. Consequently, he needed to travel abroad, which led to his visa being rejected by Sweden. Despite his efforts to improve his game, he faced challenges in enhancing his performance due to the rejection. Neeraj expresses that this period was a highly frustrating experience for him, yet he persevered, pushing his limits both mentally and physically.

7. Focused Training

  • Neeraj’s concentrated focus on self-improvement and becoming his best.
  • Consistency in training leads to improved performance.

Finally, he was granted permission to travel to Europe. Alongside his coach, he arrived in Paris, where he clinched his first gold in 2021 with a throw of 3.18 meters. However, obtaining visas for multiple games remained a problem. The extensive traveling disrupted his training regime. Yet again, he managed to maintain his mental and physical strength amidst all the difficulties.

His coaches, including Horn, reveal that Neeraj used to sit with a notebook during his training time, devising tricks to improve his techniques. He repeatedly watched videos of javelin world record holder, Nicky Wimberley, learning from them.

8. Historic Olympic Gold

  • Neeraj’s monumental achievement on August 7, 2021.
  • Becoming the first Indian athlete to win Olympic gold in javelin throw.

During training sessions, Neeraj’s main focus was on how to make his present self the best version possible. The result of this approach is reflected in his performance – a culmination of years of hard work and each day’s training. On August 7, 2021, he secured India’s tenth Olympic gold medal.

In doing so, he became the first athlete to bring a gold medal in javelin throw for our country.

9. Neeraj Chopra’s Remarkable Journey

At just 23 years of age, Neeraj has achieved so much. In an age where most people party, hang out with friends, and enjoy relationships, Neeraj focuses solely on his career. He doesn’t have a girlfriend because he prioritizes his career over everything. Neeraj stopped using his phone casually to enhance his focus.

Today, he owns a fortune, from his first bike, a Pulsar 223 worth around 150,000 INR, to a Harley Davidson bike worth 1,000,000 INR. After winning the Olympic gold, he’s receiving gifts and rewards from across the country.

The Haryana government awarded him 6,000,000 INR, while Punjab and Manipur granted him 10,000,000 INR each. Additionally, BCCI and Chennai Super Kings gave him 10,000,000 INR.

Companies like Anand Mahindra gifted him the latest SW700, and IndiGo Flights announced a year of free travel for him.

At just 23, his net worth has crossed 100,000,000 INR. Neeraj Chopra attributes his consistency to his success. The lesson to learn from this is to focus on consistency, skill development, hard work, and discipline.

Avoid running after shiny and trendy things. Success will come to you if you keep practicing, improving, and maintaining discipline. Success will naturally follow. Wishing you all the best. Thank you.

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